Monday, September 10, 2012

A "Super" 6th Birthday!

This year Beth and I decided to have Anna and Eli's birthday parties together. Anna's birthday is on August 21st and Eli's is on September 19th. They are so close and loved the idea! We went with a "Super Hero" theme and started planning. We had booked a huge obstacle bounce house for the day of the party, but because of crazy weather we had to cancel it :-( We were bummed, but we made the best of it and did lots of games inside and the kids just ran around and had fun! It's so hard to believe the we celebrated them turning 6 years old. I feel like Beth and I were just yesterday walking around hugely pregnant together wondering if these children were EVER going to make their arrival's. I literally feel like I blinked. Thank you so much to all of the wonderful family and friends who celebrated with us! Our kids are extremely blessed!!

Happy 6th Birthday Super Anna and Super Eli! 

True Friends

Make a wish!

Eli and Callie :-)

We love our friends! 

Holding hands as they walked to dinner after the party <3 p="p">


Just wanted to warn anyone out their who actually looks at our blog that there will be a MAJOR blog overload in the next few days. I have severely neglected it this summer due to just having fun, and have LOTS to update on! Stay tuned.....

Friday, August 10, 2012

Hi-Ho! Hi-Ho! It's back to school we go!!

The boys had a GREAT summer, but they were beyond ready for school to start back. I will be honest in saying that I was also Eli loves school, and Preston loves playing with all his friends! This year Eli started the 1st grade, and Preston started his second year of preschool where he goes 3 days a week. It is so wild to see how they have grown and we look forward to this school year with both of them!

He picked out his outfit all by himself :-)

Kindergarten-1st grade

This little boy REFUSED to hold his preschool sign this year so this was the best I could get...I'm not complaining ;-) 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Amazing Wonders Aviation

We were SO excited about our church's VBS this year, and when it came time for it to start in July we were beyond ready. I look forward to this week every year because I get the honor of teaching the K-5th grade kids all the music every night, and I do it along side my best friends! We have a BLAST! My boys always sing these songs for months after VBS, and it makes my heart warm to know that they are excited to learn more about Jesus.

This year Justin was asked to build a plane to hang from the ceiling in the sanctuary. Well, if you know my husband at all you know that he does NOTHING on a small scale. He designed, built, painted, and hung a 18 foot plane in the middle of our sanctuary that was UNREAL! The adults and kids loved it and it was a huge hit! I was very proud :-)

Anna and Eli with friends :-)

This boy LOVED singing and dancing!

Preston on stage during the musical the last night. 

Eli smiling for me :-)

Eli and Logan, the BIRTHDAY girl! Logan turned 1 on the last day of VBS this year. It's so crazy to think that this time last year we were all doing VBS, moving Beth and Brian, and then Beth went into labor with Logan! 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

O-H-I-O or Bust!

We took a quick weekend trip to Ohio in July with our best friends, The Ignatz, to witness Beth's brother, Andrew and his fiancee', Chelsea tie the knot! It was a fun, fast, crazy trip, but we enjoyed every second! The wedding was beyond gorgeous, and the kids had a BLAST dancing at the reception. My boys were literally break dancing and shaking their little booties the entire time! We even got Justin to dance :-) These little family trips are the one's we will remember forever. I only got a few pictures, but they are cute! Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Andrew White!


Preston taking a break while Daddy did a little tool shopping :-)

These two don't mess around when it comes to food...

My handsome blessings

Pretty Logan all dressed up!

Seriously, the cutest picture EVER!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, Gigi!

My boys are so blessed to have wonderful grandparents all the way around, and on July 17th we celebrated my mom's birthday at Chuy's in Opry Mills. We had not been out to Opry Mills yet since the Grand re-opening, and we were excited to celebrate! Justin had to work late so we missed him though.

My mom and I are very close, and I am so thankful to be able to say that she is not only my mom, but one of my best friends. We have had our up's and down's just like any mother/daughter does, but I can not imagine having her there for me through out this crazy life. I am a lucky girl! I am also so glad that my boys get to have such a wonderful Gigi :-) They are crazy about her and my dad, and I know that my parents are ecspecially smitten with them too. (Maybe a bit obsessed?!) Happy Birthday, Mom/Gigi!! We love you to the moon and back!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming

So, in June Eli, Preston, and Anna all took swim lessons with our good friend, Rachael Mason. The lessons were daily from Monday- Thursday for an hour and a half. I was SO excited that they were doing this because we spend the majority of our summer at the pool. My grandparents have a in ground pool that we pretty much live at once the kids are out of school, and having the peace of mind that they all would have an understanding of the safety of swimming was a nice one. Preston only hung in their for about a day, and lost interest so we called him the "swim school drop-out", but he has improved tremendously this summer with his skills, and I hope that by next summer we will be floatie-free!

Eli and Anna did awesome! I am happy to say that both kids are swimming on their own with no floatie's, and  LOVE it! This is a HUGE step for Anna who at one time was afraid of the water, and she is now a little fish :-) Eli learned very fast, and his teacher told us that we should look into swim teams for him in the future. He has about perfected his dive, loves to swim to the bottom of the 8 foot pool, and does his "reach and pull" swim with perfection. His love of swimming overlapped into the Olympics this year and the boy was in amazement! He has said that he will " get a gold " one day! Go Eli and Anna!!

Thanks so much to Rachael for teaching our kiddos, and for being so awesome at what she does! It's great to have such wonderful friends :-)