Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hey Good Looking!

So, Eli got a ton of new Fall clothes and as I was trying them on I decided to snap some shots of him. He is a ham these days and even began to pose for me...silly boy. He likes to grab camera's and say "Cheese!" or will jump into any picture he can (even if we don't know ANYONE in the picture!) So..just wanted to post these pictures of my little stud muffin!

Big Brother feels Little brother Kick!!!!

It finally happened!!! Eli felt Preston kick his hand as we were talking to my belly the other day! Eli got really excited and started saying "Wow Mommy!" and "Whoahhh!" So far Eli has shown nothing but excitement and even sings "Twinkle, Twinkle" to my belly and plays with his matchbox cars on my belly as he says "pway wit broder". Super Cute!! Justin and I know that it will be so different not only for us but for our sweet Eli, but know he will be an AWESOME Big Brother! I am now almost 20 weeks and officially half way done...HALLELUJAH! I am still having quite a bit of sickness, but having several good days a week too. Feeling Preston's little kicks and punches make everything better! Stay Tuned.....

P.S.- I took these pics to show Eli's facial expressions as he was feeling Preston Kick...priceless.


Yes folks, that is the official name of our sweet lil' peanut! After many, many, many discussions, names and even debates (ha!) we have finally agreed on this name and we are quite proud of it! Justin and I both have VERY different taste but wanted something different and unique, but strong and manly too. Anyone who knows my husband knows that "Blaize" fits him VERY well!! We are really excited and can't wait for our family of 4 to be complete!! Stay tuned for updates and news as the pregnancy progresses....